Endangered Whales for Sale: Japanese Research Meat Anyone?

January 22nd, 2011 by J.H. Soeder

The Japan Times ran an ad in their newspaper promoting the sale of whale meat purchased by the Japanese Cetacean Research Institute.

Today it is a sad reminder for those who love whales by those who do not.

In a commentary by Jun Hongo, staff writer for the JAPAN TIMES, Jun reports that the annual sale of whale meat has started:

“The [whale] meat is from finbacks, minks, sei and sperm whales taken in government-sponsored research hunts in areas from the Northwestern Atlantic to near Iceland.”

This says it all. Openly and once again, Japan laughs in the face of the world. Here in the above statement is again openly admitted the fact that the whale research was never intended as research but an avenue to slaughter whales and dolphins.

The meat went on sale today at the noted Hankyu Hashin Department store.

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Whales: A Recipe to Kill the Marine Eco System

January 3rd, 2011 by J.H. Soeder

There is a very real danger that will destroy the marine eco system

Some call it global warming. Pro Whalers are saying it is Whales.

I call it whale poop.

Yes, whale poop, believe it or not. Now, I am not saying “whale poop” as a metaphoric comment like “boulderdash” or “nonsense.” It is the real thing.

Whale poop.

Now before you consider me crazy, please bear with me. This is not a “whale of a tale” by any stretch of the imagination although a few will say “I am full of it”. And if you follow my logic and read the supporting links, you will see that we are imminently killing our seas.

You see, there are already physical universe indicators that the marine environment is dying. Scientists and researchers have noted that normal fishing areas are being depleted, causing foreign countries, like Japan to go to other waters near other countries and continue to fish.

It is actually silly, that a blogger like myself figured this out.

It is a known fact that the once plentiful Sea of Japan is no longer a source for fisherman. It has been discovered that fish migrations have moved their feeding grounds further north or south. One of the prime food sources for fish at the lower end of the food chain is krill. However, recent studies have shown dwindling krill populations. Pro-whalers contend that dwindling krill levels are due to the massive consumption of krill by whales. The main contenders to this theory is Japan and Iceland.

Krill feed on plankton. Plankton feed on nitrogen rich particulate matter found in sea water.

It has recently been discovered and reported that whale poop (feces) when released by a whale, has converted the krill it has eaten into energy. However the waste byproduct is a nitrogen rich particulate matter. This particulate matter is eaten by plankton, which in turn feeds not only the krill, but the rest of the marine food chain.

Killing whales, who are a major source of nitrogen rich particulate matter (rather big poop and lots of it!), reduces the amount of food once available for the microscopic food chain. When one considers that the entire whale population once numbered in millions about 100 years ago but now is in the tens of thousands, that extinction of whales severely threatens the entire marine food chain.

The result is less fish. And guess what? We are already depleting the seas of large fish and whales. Additionally there is a new fad, taking the world by storm.

Omega 3 krill oil.

Not only is the oil extracted from fish but from krill. So we are now depleting that resource from the marine environment.

It is ironic that the fate of the marine environment depends on whale poop. One can even laugh and joke about it. Yet it is honestly far from funny.

What man has done is replace nitrogen with toxic pollutants such as mercury. In the above link as commented in the TOKYO METROPOLIS, Japan has greatly assisted in the polluting of our waters. And the result is that higher levels of mercury are found in many fish species including whales. It is mans contribution to the sea.

Allowing whaling on large scale is and has been over time depleting our seas at microscopic levels we are only beginning to uncover. Now it becomes even more critical that more take a stand and protect our seas and our whales, before it is too late.

And as technologically advanced we think we are on this planet, whales have us beat in balancing the environment.

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